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The Apprentice Challenge Week 1: Grass Root Music Television March 4, 2010

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After I have read Corrine’s post in MACE’s blog. I realized why we didn’t get the chocolate on last Friday, still…we should at least have had a can of sprite. What we have missed on that day?

The fact that all of us have so many experiences in music  and media industries, so it  has motivated us to do this pitch. Especially me, who have worked in MTV for more than 8 years, (I think) I know everything in this industry and I must..as least I could have helped our team to win or at least to save our reputation as a media company.

About the GRMTV, the station for unsigned artists, this project is very hard to succeed in my opinion because of the traditional media are going to die. Similar to MTV, it’s not a golden era of Television anymore, especially in the Internet era when Youtube has dominated all kind of moving pictures in the cyberspace. Moreover, indie channel is not a new thing, and there are so many media try to do the same thing like GRMTV tries to do. Therefore, if they really want to do this business, the hardest part could be to create an awareness to the public and to create marketing strategy..and here we go “The Apprentice challenge” might help them to get some ideas from our MACE students.

After we have presented to the “clients”, I have enjoyed other group pitching with different ideas and perspectives, some group were good at presenting, some group came up with good marketing ideas such as competition, party, festival, event etc. Some have presented a proper and a well-structured strategic planning. But what impressed me was the group that went to interview people in the town – These may be are the reasons that we need to improve for the next apprentice challenge plus the reason that Corrine already mentioned in the blog.



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