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This week’s contribution in group work. February 11, 2010

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My contribution in our Mango Media for this week is structuring website contents for Astrid to design and interface. I have spent 1-2 hours  to develop it from our business and feasibility report and our competitors’ site. The rough content  is showed below: (Andreea has some comments in red)

    Mango Media Site Map
    1. About us
    • Mango Media is a young-innovative media company who provides a consulting service as well as digital press kits for music artists who seek industry standard promotion. The inspiration for the idea comes from our common background and passion for music. Since our team consists of emerging artists we identified the need for new, innovative and also highly illustrative promotion methods. (love it!)
    1. Our services
        1. The service includes
  1. Artist logo design, cover design. (imaging- conceptualizing the image)
  2. Artist biography, press content (creative writing).
  3. Artist consulting, promotion strategy.
        1. The tangible product includes the actual press kit in digital or printed format. In some cases the content will we interactive, operating on a Flash platform.
            1. Print press kit : our full packages includes:
    1. a professionally designed cover with your logo or photo,
    2. a cover letter of introduction,
    3. Band or Artist biography,
    4. a professional 8 x 10 black and white glossy promotional photo,
    5. media feature articles and press releases, album reviews and quote sheet,
    6. your full length extended play, or professionally recorded demo CD, an industry CD-one sheet,
    7. A business card and professionally labeled envelope.
    8. The supplies needed are heavy stock paper, portfolio cover, large envelope, address labels, business cards, and your 8 x 10 glossy photo. Now here’s how to go about putting the print press kit together.
    9. A short demo CD with cover.
            1. Wallet Flash credit card-sized USB memory

It is an eye-catching, durable, promotional gadget. A new way to present an artist’s image and musical vision. The Electronic Press Kit Card (EPK Card) includes discography, biography, album cover, band galleries and demo songs. It is an ingenious item that serves many purposes: to store information and act as a mobile presentation that is easily accessible (just open the wallet, and it’s there, plug in any computer, runs on all operating systems), handy, light and big enough not to lose easily, plus the logo and background image will make the artist easily recognizable.

            1. USB flash EPK.

We can customize the USB shape so as to imprint artist symbols and characters or something related to he artist that fans would appreciate.

    1. Portfolio
    1. Clients (This link could be our clients’ work eg. uploaded songs, clips etc..with a short description of them)
    • I love everything so far and will complete the clients section shortly!
    1. Contact
    • Eg. “If you are interested in our services, please send an email with links to any of your myspace/facebook/twitter pages and a bit of information about you to: Info.mangomedia.@googlemail.com


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