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Natural Born Leader or Programmed Leader? February 11, 2010

Posted by isaraobba in January 2010.

What if we have our country's leader like these?

The picture above showed two famous robots were able to conduct  a symphony orchestra. Whereas leadership can programmed into the robot. What about a human? Can leadership be taught? or Do we have to born again with a leadership instinct?

From the first week of semester two, we have learned concepts, theories and kinds of leadership through group acting and presentation. These methods of teaching, at first,  it seemed  to me that why didn’t we have a proper lecture?, why do we have to play a drama and how it’s related to the leadership? However, at the end, I realized that it’s not only the way to present our understanding of varied characteristic of leadership, but it’s the way to show and learn about creative leadership since we were given a “creative” task and therefore we had varied characteristic of creative leadership in each group. For last week’s creative leadership program, Piers’ workshop demonstrated an issue of creative leadership by simplified it to various activities. For example, it was an effective way to learn about hierarchy in a group work by giving cards which were a symbolic of  hierarchy to students to act as a position they were given in the cards.

Next week we will have Piers’ class again and I think I will develop some ideas for the assignment. Right now I believed that leadership “skills” can be developed but not everyone can be programmed to be a leader.



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