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Reality killed the creative star. November 25, 2009

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Hi all,

Since last two weeks our class have moved from “creative” to “economy” side. Young Enterprise  representatives have explained about the concept of  ‘learning by doing’.  I agree with this idea because this is one of the way to gain skills and knowledge by practicing in the real world. However, when they told us about limitations, regulations, finances  and so on, it seems like  the creativity of  me  was decreasing. This could be a reason of too many constraints we have to take them in to our account when doing a real business. However, I would rather learn to do a business “properly” than focusing too much on creativity because in the near future there is more chance for me to do an ordinary business.

Last week we have learn how to pricing, an important part of “reality” in business. Hamper basket was a good example of “hidden costs” in pricing because apart from a product, pricing also involved costs of packing, inventory, delivery, transportation, labor, paperwork, e-financial services, insurance and taxation. Each item is not costs much but when they added up together, it costs a lot, and these costs will make you loss if you have not list down all these hidden costs; moreover, unexpected situations can cause you much if you are unaware of them. For these reason, financial role-playing and scenario could be an activity to reduce risk and create financial strategy for your products.


Looking forward to see “Hidden Santa” on 11th December.




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