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The winner is…. “Diversity” October 24, 2009

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What is a reason behind an unknown street dance group from Essex that beat Internet sensation, Susan Boyle and other dance acts to win Britain’s Got Talent title this year? The answer problably states on their name ” Diversity”.

Variation in age, status and nationality of the group might be one of the contribution to their success. Compare to another dance group which are relatively in the same age and Susan boyle’s same performce , Diversity are able to  exploit their difference in  physical by creating an outstanding performance to grabbing  audience’s heart and eventually won the title of Britain’s Got Talent.

Likewise, different perspective in group working can bring benefits to teamwork. By Sharing ideas which a member who is in a different background, team’s strength can be added with an idea that they lacked of. In my MACE company, we are a gourp of five nationalities, four of us have worked in creative industry before and on of us is currently working in business sector. In the meeting, other ideas have broadened my mind and given more  information when our team  have to make a decision or solving problem.

Yvette, the only one business person in our team always give us an idea of marketing, planning  and of course..benefits.

Steffen, under his face of calmness, he has lots of creative ideas and always come up on the right time.

Amna, she has a lot of connections, we have some useful advice from her business friend during a meeting.

Astrid, she gave us a positive and constructive comment that made the meeting went well.

Despite a technical problem, we have finished every tasks on time. But when compare to other groups in the class, we need to be more creative in the way of presentation. In the next task, I think our team needs prove that we are good at our team are passionate….I believe that we can do it.



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