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These boots are made for shopping… October 1, 2009

Posted by isaraobba in week one.

It is true that shoes are made for walking, but for some girls, having elegant high heel shoes is sometimes important than their comfortable when walking.For some boys, only “Nike” that they want. People  varies in satisfaction,When companies start to produce a product, they commonly use feedback from people to develop their products. For me, it was the first time in MACE’s class that me and my colleague: Ben, Mag and Gin, have to create a prototype of shoes which based on some of sampler’s need. We have discussed for the question and we have the final questions below:

Why did you wear these shoes today?

What do you like/dislike about them?

How much walking do you do?

Do you choose shoes for style or function?

We have asked these question to 11 students, 10 were girls, the only one man in our survey wore “Vans”. He was quite proud  of his shoes as he use it everyday, he said it looks cool and also comfortable – perfect for him because it answer both function and style.

A man witn Vans.


For girls, most of them go for style as the most important criteria when buying shoes. Moreover, comfort and practical use were the reason that they have worn. However, one of them has something differ from others. Karen likes her boots because its style. She had added feathers and beads to her boots to make them look like “Pocahontas”. Despite the fact that its thin soles and Primark’s brand, its style overweight these drawbacks and had made her worn them on that day.

Karen’s Boots

Pocahontas Boots

What I have learned from this task is…firstly, challenging in working with multinational students and working in group. Communication within a group would be easy if the members come from the same ethnic background. But this difficulty is worth to cope with because globalization is crucial and it might be useful to me in future business. Secondly, using verbal survey is the way to get more information and details from respondents than using paper or online questionnaires if an interviewer knows how to approach them and use an open question.

For a better survey next time,a group should have someone who are good at approaching people, nice and friendly character would be an ideal for a good interviewer. Moreover, they should record a conversation to get more accurate details.



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