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Reflections 25/09/09 October 1, 2009

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What i have learned from last week’s class was how to squeeze your unique idea within the time limit. A common problem we have faced was most of us stuck with the same preconceptions when we were assigned to write down many items which compound of round object. As a result, only 3% of our ideas in our sketches were unique. The solution we were given was to remove our preconceptions, traditional initial ideas which we usually come up and try to think creatively in different ways or from its basic function. For an example in the class, if sunglasses are a product that can protect our eyes from UV, it doesn’t have to be glasses. It could be anything that could protect your eyes such as lotion or contact lens. In addition, success in a creative group work is gathering many ideas as much as possible, only one agreement from a group take too much time through a process of arguing compare to taking quick ideas from everyone from a group. This process takes less time and has many ideas; therefore, it could be the way to solve the problem of “idea constipation”.



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